5 thoughts on “Dreaming of her mother -in -law coming. Have a lot of gifts?”

  1. Dreaming of your mother -in -law is here, bringing a lot of gifts. Maybe you miss your mother -in -law during the day, so you will dream that your mother -in -law brings you a lot of gifts. It seems that you like your mother -in -law, but dreams It is dreams, all the dreams are fake, and dreams wake up are not real. Believe in science.

  2. Dreaming of my mother -in -law is here, bringing a lot of gifts. This shows that your mother -in -law's relationship is very close. You always think so in your heart. My mother -in -law is the best, so I dreamed that my mother -in -law came at night. It is a good daughter -in -law who has a good relationship with her mother -in -law, so you miss your mother -in -law, mother -in -law

  3. Dreams are thoughts in my heart. There is something in the sun and dreams. Your dream is a siger of auspiciousness. Your dream indicates that your body is particularly healthy, and your fortune is very good.

  4. Dreaming of his mother -in -law came and brought a lot of gifts. In recent days, you usually talk about what happened at home, what father -in -law and mother -in -law, etc., so you will have such a dream.

  5. Dream is just a psychological activity when people sleep. The psychological activity in the dream is the same as the psychological activity when people are awake. The bizarre dream in the dream is caused by the illusion of the stimulation of various objective things when the brain consciousness of the person's sleep is unclear. For example, the heart palpitations that seem to be chased when people are sober -hearted at a speed, and in their dreams, they become a bizarre dream of being chased by people. The palpitations have become a bizarre nightmare in the dream and the fall of people's whereabouts. The mild physiological symptoms that some people are not easy to feel when they are awake are because the stimulus of various objective things from the outside world is relatively small when they sleep. of.

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