1 thought on “Dreaming of a lot of gifts from the tree, is it good or bad?”

  1. Dreaming about the dream explanation of a lot of gifts from the tree:
    This do not monopolize if you have any happiness, you must know how to share with others. If it is unexpected temporary income, you may wish to buy a small gift for your lover. And emotional couples dating and single lovers confessing, such a day suitable for exposing emotions can be mastered well. But do n’t sneak in a sneaky or shyness. It is better to confess in the most frank way, the bright time and place in the sun.

    It dreams of a lot of gifts from the trees:
    The successful development of success due to diligence. (But only if you are afraid of personality and ground, you will have the clutter of the family, and then you will not have a long scene in the world, and you will not have a good day.) 【Zhongji】

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