What's the height limit for a 13m semi trailer

According to the regulations, the height of the semi-trailer is not allowed to exceed 4.2m..Let's have a detailed understanding with Custom semi trailer manufacturers.

According to Article 54 Paragraph 1 of the Regulations for the Implementation of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, the loading height of heavy and medium trucks and semi-trailers shall not exceed 4 meters from the ground, and the loading height of automobiles carrying containers shall not exceed 4.2 meters.

Semitrailers are mostly three-axle semitrailers, which are connected to the semitrailers through the front traction pins. There are eleven meters warehouse semi trailers, thirteen meters warehouse semi trailers and low level semi trailers.

ff6f73421f0f33f759a3aff4f14b6a9cSemi-small partners are used to transport large, difficult to disassemble goods, such as excavators and other large machinery.

Semi-trailer can improve the economic benefit of transportation. Its transportation efficiency can be increased by about 50%, but the cost is reduced by about 40%. The fuel consumption is reduced by about 20%.

Semi trailers are the most common means of transporting goods in a wide variety of applications.

Semi-trailer type typically includes: dump semi-trailer, low semi-trailer, warehouse, semi-trailer, container semi-trailer, tank semi-trailer, van semi-trailer, dump semi-trailer, semi-trailer, light oil, car semi-trailer, powder material, chemical liquid semi-trailer, heavy low, column type semi-trailer, gooseneck semi-trailer and skeleton type container semi-trailer.

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