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  1. Jingcheng Clothing Wholesale Market is the most famous in two areas. One is the zoo area. The wholesale market is extremely dense. The wholesale and retail business are quite hot. The wholesale market in the gate of the gate of the two areas condenses its own characteristics.
    ■ Zoo Line —— Busty
    The Laosu Clothing Wholesale Market: Low -cheap shirts and temptation
    The day, the strongest taste of the indoor market. Only two layers are high, but as soon as you enter the door, you can immediately feel the fire of Tianle. There are many people, noise, and hotness, and are the three major features of the Tianle market. The ground of each merchant is not large, but the small grids make full use of it. The ground, the wall, and the periphery are all clothes. To visit Tianle, you definitely need to be flexible and move forward, but if you do n’t go to Tianle, you do n’t know what is cheap. There is a sound of low prices and dumping. I often see buyers who travel back and forth with large black plastic bags. Tianle's clothing has taken more popular routes, and the most fashionable style of the current most fashionable style is full of each corner of this market. But here is a large wholesale business. There is definitely no chance to try on the spot. Most of the ways to display clothing are to let the sales lady put on hot -selling clothing. Customers can only choose clothes that suits their sizes according to the style of the clothes. Essence
    Dongding Market: Boutique House Tao Liangfu
    Dong Ding has been reborn from the style of a simple stall, basically formed a boutique house style, as if moving the boutique house on a certain street to a one There are more than 600 stalls in the space of the building. The storefront or straight description of the store or the costumes sold by the clothing it sells have been formed. Dong Ding's sellers gathered at denim. Many businesses throw the goods at low prices, and basically 30-40 yuan can be found to be a satisfactory pants. The shop on the second to fifth floor gives people a sense of style. The store is dumping summer clothing. Many summer clothes are targeted at the bottom price, and it indicates that it is approved and replaced.
    Kim Kaeld Clothing Mall: Small Korean cities occupy a hoe
    This stalls are small grid rooms, from 5 square meters to 10 square meters. The space like Tianle has more than 2,000 stalls. The second floor to the fifth floor is opened. The second floor is still mixed clothing, and the styles between the shops are mostly repeated. There are some areas on the third floor to open up Korean cities, operating Korean clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, dolls, etc. The prestige price of clothing is slightly higher through the "Korean city". It feels like Jin Kelid's "noble city". The five -story boutique not only has few visitors, but many stores are waiting for the owner's arrival.
    ■ Muyu Garden List —— Commercial Building Linli
    Dahongmen Clothing Wholesale Market: Entering Red Gate is like the sea
    After years of market accumulation, this area has formed a well -known big red door clothing commercial circle. It is mainly based on the wholesale business, and most of the supply comes from Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other areas. The space here is huge, and an electronic search device is placed in the most conspicuous place at each door. It is available for customers to search for the types of goods, the stalls, and the market opening time. The stall pattern seems to be more chaotic and complicated, and the denseness of the merchants can be seen. Each one has a special fixed telephone contact business. The attitude of the merchant's attitude towards zero buying customers is relatively cold, the bargaining room is not large, the price has collapsed, and the merchants will never deliberately retain.
    Jingwen Wholesale Market: Multi -compatible clothing styles
    Neng Wen Wholesale Market, located at the northern end of Nanyuan Road, Fengtai District, is a larger clothing distribution center in North China. Similar to the style of the big red door market. The pattern of a stall is quite tidy. The white grid is very satisfactory. The style of the clothing has taken the mature route, which looks formal and stable. The three -layer clothing is completely different from the first layer of style. The popular taste is strong. Japan and South Korea or Ruili style are rich in goods. There are many young people who patronize. The store attaches more attention to the retail business. Jingwen has a little cool coolness -its rolling elevator is actually ups and downs, and people with insufficient legs should pay attention.
    Tianya Clothing Building: Brand Clothing Building
    In 2003 from Tianya Building, covering an area of ​​9,800 square meters and more than 800 boutique shops. Entering Tianya, there is a touch of a trace of shopping mall clothing area. The branding of clothing has basically removed the feeling of mixed clothing brands and "big roads" in the traditional wholesale market. Different from the mall, it adopts the "store in the store" theme shop layout. The decoration of the store is first, and each transparent glass shows the personality style of different brand clothing. The clothing brand is mainly mid -range. Men's two floors, three layers of women's clothing, and the first floor are casual clothing. Because it is a season change, the store also has a wholesale price for the customers who buy zero, and it is a bit of a bargaining space.

    Bairong World Trade Mall: The top of the young shopping mall
    Bairong is the youngest wholesale mall in Muyuyuan. When it opened in April 2004, it attracted great interest and attention with modern building facilities and new service concepts. The interior decoration of the Bai Rong Building is full of atmosphere and fashion, and the glass boutique house changes the feeling of narrow and crowded in the wholesale market. The first to three floors are concentrated in the stores of men's, women's and down jackets, and the four -layer pants areas are in the investment promotion. Compared with Tianya's famous shop style, Bai Rong's clothes brands are relatively mixed. There are brand stores with business agents or direct sales, as well as clothes produced by various small clothing factories.
    The wholesale market in Beijing, there is also one type of interest in the students and working classes who like to buy goods, which is the small commodity wholesale market. The retail industry is the main business of the small commodity wholesale market. A variety of goods given customers a field of Amoy in a supermarket.
    The official garden commodity wholesale market: stalls are waiting for guests
    The Guanyuan Market has a total of three floors, but the space for buying goods is two floors, and the business booth is about 2,000. The first layer of clothing is mainly for teenagers. The price of similar clothing is slightly more expensive than that of Tianle and Kim Kaidi. The second floor is full of various small products. The layout of the garden stall is relatively full, and a clear rose red sign is marked with its number above each stall. On each floor of the Guanyuan, there is a complaint. On the side of the desk of the complaint office, you can see that the market reminds customers that the brand trademarks that may have false and inferior products may appear.
    The new world: a variety of gadgets
    Wanlitong New World and WeChat Huilian Commercial Building View. There are 5 floors of Wantong's commercial buildings. Except for the fifth floor, it is the gathering of snacks. The other four floors basically capture various conventional small products needed by customers. The first layer of operating low -cost cosmetics is particularly noticeable. It is a pile of large piles of various colors of nail polish, which can become a relatively iconic representative. The second floor is mostly at home items. The four -story stationery counters, sporting supplies, exquisite cross shows, funny toys, luggage and leather goods ... are where many young people linger.
    Golden Five Star Department Store: Lost Golden Five Star
    Golden Five Star Department Store is a comprehensive wholesale of about 24,000 square meters, integrating daily department stores, clothing, shoes, small products, and craft gifts wholesale retail. city. Golden Five Star Department Store is only one floor, which belongs to the "indoor market" type. Each district has different types of products, such as specialized shoe areas, clothing areas, and bedding areas. In Golden Five Stars, they will lose their direction without paying attention. They often see which areas in asking customers in which area. According to the staff, there are three oversized exhibition halls in the Golden Five Star Department Store wholesale City, and the existing operating booths are about 3,000 square meters. In addition, the department store city has opened a “free shopping bus” to facilitate consumer shopping.
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  2. In the strict sense of Beijing, there is no real wholesale market. You include wooden garden, zoo, and blue sky foreign trade tail market. If there is no price advantage, if you are convenient, I still recommend you to go to Guangzhou Humen, White Horse, Thirteen Elements, Red Cotton, you want more, the price is 8-18 yuan to get the cargo price, I hope my answer is right. You are helpful

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Dahongmen is the largest clothing wholesale market in Beijing. It turned out that there were only one or two relatively large buildings outside Dahongmen, and most of the people who did clothing wholesale was set up. Later, due to the municipal planning, there was a lot of commercial buildings on both sides of the road one after another. Now it is difficult to remember. The stalls on both sides of the street have entered the building, and there are only some stalls sold on both sides of the road, but most of them are selling low -end clothing sales and fabric business. Most. The earliest place was called Zhejiang Village in the north of the big red gate. It was a place where small products and costumes were specially made in a long time ago. Later, because of the crime problems and fake and shoddy products, they were moved to Sanhe as a whole. The rest was slow. Slowly to the current Dahongmen to operate, but it's plain, it's still often something there is now, but it is mainly a fighting that is pulled outside. The operation is still safer ...

  4. The zoo is close to the exhibition hall. Under the bridge of a road, there are many stations. The station is called the Beijing Exhibition Hall, and then there is an underground foreign trade wholesale market. There are many foreign trade there, there are large size, generally to XXL, and the price is very cheap.

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