Musk has proposed a future for humans on Mars, citing two major threats to Earth

Recently, Musk put forward his own views on the future of mankind. He mentioned that he is not optimistic about the future of mankind, and suggested that humans should leave the Earth as soon as possible. Why?

​Perhaps we should be worried! Throughout Earth's history, the planet has experienced five mass extinctions due to Kalamish events such as giant asteroids and volcanic eruptions, but would we survive if we faced a genuinely significant threat today? That's why billionaire Elon Musk is worried about the end of the world he's in! He believes we must leave Earth as soon as possible and become a multi-planetary species.

Musk seems more concerned about the future of the human race than he was about the explosion of the booster stack during a recent rocket test. Musk wants humans off Earth as soon as possible because he believes Earth is becoming inhospitable to life, and he wants to start colonizing Mars, which just happens to be one of the billions of planets in the galaxy that are Earth-like and close enough to be perfect for life.

However, the Earth has not been without danger throughout its history. Earth has experienced five mass extinctions, all caused by cataclysmic events, such as asteroids and enormous volcanic eruptions. In those early days, the Earth was youthful enough to be almost hit by asteroids, and these violent impacts shaped our planet into what it is today, a vast expanse of blue water and rolling mountains. Things seem to have changed since then, but fortunately, large asteroid impacts on the Earth's surface are very rare in modern times. Of course, they do happen periodically, though not on the scale of the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá.

The most severe impact in recent times was possibly in February 2013, when a meteor hit the Russian region. It flew towards Earth at a shallow angle at 60 times the speed of sound. When it came into contact with our ground, the huge explosion caused a violent air fluctuation, approximately 20,000 buildings were destroyed, and more than 1,000 people were killed in the process. So if we were faced with a really huge threat right now, could we survive?

Well, a lot depends on the size of the object and the location of the impact, but in short, we can't destroy an asteroid that's going to hit us with our current power, unless it's extremely tiny, which is entirely beyond our current technological capabilities. ​Therefore that's likely why Musk is worried that we need to leave Earth and become a multi-planetary species as soon as possible. Musk's argument is simply that by the next massive asteroid approach, humanity will possibly be wiped out, but even if civilization survives, there won't be sufficient resources to recover, and asteroids aren't the only danger. There are additional threats, like volcanic eruptions, that could end our civilization!

73371f39407b420bdbf0f7b809f79116Of course, Musk is a Mars enthusiast himself, and Musk's ambitious plan to colonize Mars in 2050 -- not only a few colonists, but a million people -- is fairly tough. Although we can transport humans to Mars, there is no life there, and it is not an easy process to build facilities that are habitable for life on a large scale. Mars is currently a sandy wasteland in need of extensive restoration. But Musk says humans will need to keep upgrading their technology to make that happen. Later this year, Musk's SpaceX will demonstrate a spacecraft capable of carrying up to 100 people to Mars.

In addition to the asteroid threat, Musk believes the sun's growth will eventually wipe out all human species, and when it runs out of hydrogen to burn, it will devour Earth unless we discover a way to go to other worlds. It is true that the sun is expanding, and the expansion of the sun could cause the extinction of all species on the Earth's surface and thus require an interplanetary home, but the expansion of the sun is far from threatening Earth. It is estimated that it will take another 5 billion years for the sun to expand sufficiently to threaten Earth.

Now the earth has seen five mass extinctions, five times is caused by catastrophic natural disasters, the current mass extinction theorists simply because the result of human activity. In the report an approximate estimates indicate that since 1500, including snails and slugs and other invertebrates, 260000 kinds of species have become extinct. Some deny that mass extinction has begun, while others argue that it is a natural process in which humans have a natural role.

In fact, Musk has previously claimed that he wants to ensure that humans will be able to detangle from Earth in about 500 million years, when the planet may become too hot to survive. Musk's dream is to create a colony on Mars that would transform humanity into a multi-planetary species, and he believes SpaceX will be able to fly team missions there in 2026. SpaceX is developing a Starship rocket that would be able to transport humans to Mars with the help of the spaceship program. By 2050, he hopes to live on this promising planet and build human civilization in its craters.

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