Scientists have discovered a traveling black hole traveling at 45 kilometers per second

Space is extremely lovely. Indeed, when we look up at the stars, the stars are dotted, vast. But when you get out of the Earth, you may understand that space is a scary place. Thanks to satellites and other spacecraft, we can see the real face of space. We have even found some mysterious objects in space.

Black Knight meteorite

The Black Knight is one of the strangest and even scariest objects ever found in Earth’s orbit. Famed scientist Nikola Tesla discovered this in 1899, and photographs taken in 1998, including one showing the object in orbit around the Earth. Seeing this picture, theorists began to come up with different theories. Preliminary identification, Black Knight is an artificial earth satellite originated from the earth. Its age can reach thousands of years.

In fact, it is difficult to determine the nature of objects from photographs. Scientists believe the object could be ordinary space debris, or it could be a satellite from a long way away. The Black Knight is a rather mysterious object that is difficult to photograph, and at one point an unidentified object suddenly appeared in the chamber of the Dragon capsule and almost collided with the spacecraft. The crew was alerted to the object but was unable to alter its flight path. Fortunately, it was only a close shave, and scientists suspect it was the Black Knight. In general, it is not uncommon to approach satellites, ships or orbital stations carrying space debris. The International Space Station, for example, occasionally performs evasive maneuvers to keep a safe distance from such potentially dangerous objects 39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá. But this time, the object passed at a extremely close distance, which is clearly not logical!

A few years ago, NASA cameras captured something strange and extremely quick near the International Space Station, a mysterious diamond-shaped object that hovered near the station for more than 20 minutes, moving at 78 kilometers per second. In the frame, you can see mysterious Ufos, and after some time, the International Space Station rises sharply, after which there is still a bright green light. NASA workers can be heard behind these videos. Some believe the videos depict a mysterious phenomenon that has never been seen before by humans. Others believe that the camera captured military secrets of the US military, others that an alien probe trying to explore our planet may have entered our territory.

The human face of the Red Planet

Humans have long wanted to go to Mars and colonize neighboring planets for various purposes, but is it worth it? Everything on Mars is not as peaceful as it seems. Decades ago, for example, satellites and probes took pictures of the surface of Mars, and some of the images surprised scientists and theorists. A human face has been revealed on Mars, a phenomenon discovered in a region of the planet called Cydonia.

This face, looking up, is about two kilometers high. Facial features are distinctly visible in the photos: eyes, nose, mouth, chin, etc. Of course, we now understand that the face of Mars is a game of light, an illusion, or simply a coincidence caused by a mountain with steep cliffs. But theorists believe this is more than a coincidence, and are convinced that the surface of Mars is a man-made structure built by representatives of alien civilizations. Either way, the debate over what exactly the face is and how it could have disappeared on Mars hasn’t died down.

1020d0851a3eef5f4e5ab78392aa9a4fHexagon of Saturn

The planet Saturn is known for its lovely rings, but Saturn’s hexagons are also worth noting. The image of Saturn’s hexagon, an atmospheric structure at Saturn’s North Pole with a large diameter, was taken by the Cassini spacecraft. The device showed that the hexagon kept spinning, as if someone were unscrewing a giant screw from the planet. What is this strange and frightening phenomenon?

According to scientists, the hexagonal blobs are a combination of stable air currents. Scientists believe this stability is due to the uniformity of Saturn’s gas surface. Why does Saturn have such a strange object in its atmosphere? ​Perhaps it’s not simply an atmospheric phenomenon, but something else in essence?

The Black Hole of Travel

For example, recently astronomers using space equipment noticed a black hole in our galaxy. In general, there are many black holes in the Milky Way, but this one is particularly interesting because it’s moving. That is, the black hole is not in a fixed location, but is moving freely through space, sucking in everything in its vicinity. The black hole was traveling at 45 kilometers per second. The space object was likely accelerated by the explosion, but it’s not clear exactly how it formed. Does this mean that this horror will soon reach the solar system and engulf it? But we needn’t worry, astrophysicists are sure this black hole isn’t a threat.

We all know that black holes are irresistible to any object, and they are sucked into permanent darkness. But that turned out not to be the case. About a year ago, astronomers using space equipment found a star that survived an encounter with a black hole. The phenomenon was observed in galaxy GSN 069, where the black hole is also located. A star that fell into a black hole miraculously survived, but with a lot of damage. The upper layer left in the black hole appears to have flaked off the star, so the star became a White Dwarf. But how do stars survive such close encounters with black holes?

This, it turns out, is due to the mass of the black hole. According to astrophysicists, the black hole is not huge, only 400,000 solar masses, which is not enough for a black hole, so it keeps the star in a close orbit and alive, and crucially for now, it’s extremely far away.

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