1 thought on “Where is Beijing wholesale clothes?”

  1. The whereabouts of the wholesale clothes are in the Beijing Muyuyuan Business District, located in the center of the Dahongmen Clothing Business District.
    The radiation scope of the business district of the wooden garden is all over the country, and the popularity is one of the well -known clothing sets in the country. It has more than 13,000 merchants and more than 250,000 square meters of operating area. The potential is not limited to the trade amount of 30 billion yuan, breeding unlimited business opportunities.
    clothing wholesale is a means of clothing sales, and it is also a very important process and link in the clothing industry. This link controls the most important resource for the entire clothing industry.
    Whether it is a manufacturer or a seller, it is an indispensable link. Therefore, some people say that whoever controls clothing wholesale will control the clothing market. In recent years, a new wholesale method has appeared in China's clothing wholesale market: online wholesale. This is a way of expressing e -commerce to play a significant role in traditional industries.

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