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    Bats, tigers, and butterflies mean "blessing" in ancient artworks.
    The five bats are surrounded by a variant "life", called "five blessings", which is a typical auspicious pattern. Bat and the middle of the eyes are copper coins, which is "blessing in front of the eyes."
    Lu, eating the emperor's Lulu, means promoting, most of them use sika deer to imply it.
    Sometimes the gourd also shows Fulu. The rooster has the crown, implying the promotion.
    The cocks and chicken crown flowers are officials and officials.
    Mades and monkeys, the meaning is immediately sealed.
    Sevilia, generally represented by peaches, white cranes, turtles, pine trees, cypress trees, ganoderma, stones, and white -headed birds.
    Cats and butterflies, the year of homophonic righteousness, implying longevity.
    "The long drought and the rain, the hometown of the country knows it, the cave house is a candle night, and the gold list is titled". This is the so -called "four happy" of the folk. The magpie is a commonly loved bird of the people. The four magpies are four happy. There is a long -legged little spider, which is called a sister -in -law, which also means joy. The magpie stood on the tall treetops, meaning "looking up and seeing joy".
    Buchu, Lu, and Shou Samsung are three deity characters. They all have a kind smile and holding peaches, canes, and official caps. Smile, big head, bald head, and children know each other at first sight
    This is the old man in Shouxing.
    The auspicious fairy: Hehe Erxian, a pair of chubby children, one with lotus or lotus leaf on one shoulder, and the other holding a box, symbolizing harmony and harmony.
    Thisy is also auspicious. Longfeng Chengxiang, contains majestic and noble. Dalong Xiaolong means Canglong religion.
    The big lion is called the master, and the little lion is called a young lion. The Lion Lion said that the descendants were endless and could be a senior official. Five lions in size said the fifth hall.
    意 means love happiness, double -form pairs, never separate.
    The pair of white -headed birds, meaning white heads.
    This, toad, that is, toad, which means toad palace folding cinnamon, admitted to the champion.
    Kirin is a Swiss beast in ancient legends.
    Fish, more than the year, like the fish.
    Goldfish, Jin Yutang.
    The eagle, heroic, far -sighted.
    Orum, the first zodiac zodiac. The mouse and the "count"
    , the same sound, so it becomes a symbol of wealth. There is often a mouse around the God of Wealth.
    snails, which means beef.
    The meaning of auspicious persimmons and its lush branches and leaves with the meaning of the plant image, which means that the cause is successful. Persimmon plus wishfulness, meaning everything.
    Pelasm and grape patterns, which means multi -son and grandson.
    The cabbage is harmonious, which means lush wealth. Cabbage can show innocence, three cabbage, which means the innocence of the third generation.
    This should be mentioned in particular, also known as lotus. It symbolizes harmony and auspiciousness, peace and harmony. The tangling lotus is the pattern of the lotus, which means harmony and auspiciousness, and endless. Lotus pond lotus shows a kind of harmony.
    Source: Guangming Daily
    The peanuts are also known as long -lived fruit, which means long growth, longevity and wealth. It is generally regarded as auspicious and fruits, and also means "flowers and wealth are good."
    Mest golden necklaces style will have auspicious meaning, but some are just simple styling (such as love), and some will make special blessing bags.

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