What do you think of the Japanese turtleneck finding out that sex dolls are true love?

The greatest love is not, as Marquez described it, "Love in the midst of the plague," but, "Alas, between the thighs of a Japanese sex doll."

According to the Daily Mail on June 28, Senji Nakajima, a Japanese man, has finally found the love of his life -- Saori, a sex doll. Even though he is married and a father of two in real life, he still enjoys the special relationship.

Senji, a 61-year-old Japanese man who lived alone in an apartment with his life-sized sex doll, said he felt very happy.

But after a few months of playing around with the dolls, he realized that they were the perfect match for him, and some fans asked him which one of the sex dolls under 500 was better.

Senji says Saori is not like other women. She's not with me for my money.

Senji would often push Saori out for a walk.​

In the uncle's mind, Saori is more than just a sex doll.​

Saori and uncle not only share the bed, every morning will pick out clothes for Saori.

Senji will also go shopping with Saori and give her a new look.​

Senji thinks that Saori is a girl who needs his help and that he can have a lot of good times with her.

Although it seems awkward to carry Saori around, the uncle goes out of his way to carry him around. Buying sex dolls is becoming increasingly popular in Asia. A Japanese advert for sex dolls says buyers no longer need a real girlfriend.

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