1. Roy

    1. Red wine rack
    The wine rack style workmanship is very refined. Not only can it be placed in red wine, it can also be used as a decoration, showing the taste and style, and the interest of life.
    2, custom wine
    I I heard a custom wine, which contains various wine gift boxes. This gift box includes: 25 degrees bayberry, 50 -digit beam wine, 50 -degree new buckwheat wine, 50 degrees six years of buckwheat wine, 12 degrees ten years of Chen rice wine, green plum wine, etc. You can choose a single bottle or double bottle. In addition, the labels on the gift box, the tag on the bottle, and the appearance of the bottle can be selected in the options provided by the store. Since my friend loves drinking, this gift will definitely make him fall in love with.
    3, wall -mounted bottle opening container

    After I don't know how many bottle openrs I lost, I saw this magical small thing, and immediately bought it in the wine cabinet and the refrigerator. One. When you want to drink, you can use it immediately.
    4, bicycle leather beer sleeve
    This is a magical and creative small object that allows beer enthusiasts to carry up to six bottles of beer when riding a bicycle. Don't worry about the wine bottle broken.

  2. Casey

    FYXATION bicycle leather beer sleeve
    This is a magical little thing invented by the Fyxation bicycle company, allowing beer enthusiasts to carry up to six bottles of beer when riding a bicycle.
    In I do n’t know if everyone is the same as the editor -in -chief. I have experienced such an embarrassing scene: After purchasing from the wine store, I found that there is no way to ride a bike home. It is better to get wine at all.
    But if you put the wine in the leather case like this, and then fix it in the car, even if there is no mountain bicycle without the front car basket, you can easily carry a multi -bottle of beer.
    mi cans of beer cans
    The products provided by the famous custom night light website Cult Cans are the most popular point is that they can print their favorite celebrities on the beer can according to the needs of customers.
    From rock bands to anime characters, only you can't think of it, without them.
    The printed avatars are all Pop styles. Whether it is a person who likes beer elements or Pop lovers, this is a good gift choice. There are many other patterns on Etsy, and those who are interested can choose online.
    Ber cushion
    coaster is an indispensable small thing for everyone. A favorite coaster can add a lot of fun.
    This with a strong fragrant beer with a foam, on the coasters full of beer elements, turn on the computer leisurely and prepare for the holiday.
    For beer enthusiasts, this is the way to open a beautiful holiday.
    Wall -mounted bottle openrs
    After knowing how many bottle opening containers were lost, the editor -in -chief saw this magical small thing, and immediately bought one in the wine cabinet and the refrigerator.
    is a brand that specializes in various cork products. This wall -mounted bottle opening device is one of the hot -selling products. As long as it is highly appropriate, it is very easy to use, and girls with small strength can also open the bottle easily. The metal part is still made of magnets. After the bottle is opened, the bottle cap will be firmly sucked and will not roll around. Is it very intimate? Also sold on ETSY.
    ma with beer cheese gift box
    This does not eat anything when drinking beer, always feels dissatisfied.
    Suchidic cheese manufacturer "Wisconsin Cheese Market" produced a cheese gift box specially paired with beer. It happened to be shared with friends.
    This containing five flavors of cheese, namely: beer -flavored sweet cut cheese, coffee Shitao flavor, sweet and spicy mango cheese, smoky cut cheese, and classic aged Chenda Da Da Da Da cottage cheese. Wisconsin Cheese Mart's official website is available.
    The beer of champagne
    In grand holidays, how can there be no champagne to help? But if your beer is dead and loyal friends insist on drinking beer, it is not unable to satisfy at the same time.
    The famous Miller High Life, a classic Pilson from the United States, is refreshing and bubbled because of its refreshing taste. It is called "champagne in beer". A bottle of wine drank two feelings, and it was considered to be earned.
    maping of beer bottle cap
    For senior beer fans, empty wine bottles and bottle caps are worth collecting. In addition to using good wine bottles to arrange the home, the bottle cap can also become the highlights in the room.
    In a map template for friends, let him do it by himself, and use the beer bottle cap to form a map. It is both beautiful and fulfilling. Why not?
    Ber insulation cups
    not senior beer enthusiasts. Usually, you can't think of buying a thermos cup for beer.
    But if you want to drink cold beer at all times, a thermal insulation cup with excellent insulation and leakage performance is definitely a must -have for home travel.
    Even if you want to buy a thermos cup, you will resolutely reject the uncle's model. The laser warrant version of the insulation cup, as a gift to send friends, is cool enough, but also takes into account both practicality.
    The beer luggage
    If you want to travel with your beloved beer, when you are on a plane, the most worried is violent consignment.
    After all, every bottle is a baby, and it hurts to touch.
    In a friend to check the backpack with a shock -proof beer, let him go to you with beer to find you!
    Ber -beer tasting kit
    If you have a fanatical beer enthusiast friend, SPIEGELAU's three -piece craft beer tasting kit is a good choice.
    three wine glasses, you can taste three different craft beer at the same time, choose the gospel of difficult diseases!

  3. Cheryl

    The first wall -mounted cylinder

    has a lot of types of bottle opening. Each one has different characteristics. Here are a wall -mounted bottle opening device. You only need to install it to your home. Drinking, this kind of bottle opening device is very easy to decorate our home on the outside. It will not have a sense of disobedience everywhere. Instead, it will be more retro style. Very effort! It is a good gift for people who drink.

    Maps or albums of the second beer lid

    It believes that different wine lids have different attractions for them, but there are some, but there are any At that time, the lid I collected did not get a good storage. At this time, you can send a friend's map of a beer cover, hang the map in your own home, put the collected wine lid in the round hole. It's easy, you can also prepare the album of the wine cover, so that you can collect more wines. It is very meaningful to turn it in daily time. It also makes your bedroom more beautiful, and after your own completion, is it particularly fulfilling!

    The third wine fragrance candle

    This is more powerful. You can use it without drinking. Lit the wine incense candle, and the wine will diffuse the wine in the air. The aroma is very intoxicating when thinking about it, and you can also make your favorite wine candle according to the wine you like to drink. Is it particularly tempting? Hurry up and make some of his favorite wine fragrance candles!

    The fourth handmade wine glass

    wine glass is also very important for people who love drinking. A suitable glass can bring a unique experience for those who love drinking. Make drinking more smoothly and beautiful. If your friend likes a certain beer brand, you can use this beer logo to DIY a beer glass. I believe he is very happy to receive it. We can also choose to send a set of beer glasses Set, so that he can use different cups to drink different wines, which is definitely very angry.

  4. Tomas

    Since you know that your friend is coming to drink, it is better to give gifts to giving gifts. What brand of wine and delivery, choose according to your financial ability and friends' hobbies. Gifts must be given to friends that you love your friends, so that you can achieve more effort. In general, there are rituals. You give gifts to your friends, and your friends will not treat you at a loss. But do n’t pay attention to the equivalent exchange between friends. If you suffer, you can make the other party feel that you are friends.

  5. Rochelle

    Hi! Gift gifts will be voted! If your friends like to drink, you can give some treasures of good wine, you can also give away exquisite wine utensils, and drugs or health products for hangover.

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