What harm does sex life frequently have to man

Frequent sex is harmful to men. A proper life undoubtedly has numerous benefits for the body, but once the sexual desire is released too often, it may cause harmful harm to the body.

The dangers of frequent sex for men are as follows:

1. Decrease men’s sexual satisfaction

In different sexes on the same day, satisfaction is highest for the first time, each time satisfaction decreases, and even arouses disgust from one partner. Long-term sex is expected. Both men and women, repetitive life, second, third, fourth sex life, sexual satisfaction is worse than the previous time, easy to cause psychological impact, think that their sexual ability has problems, eventually lead to psychological and spiritual factors caused by sexual dysfunction. This is a small sex dolla.

2, resulting in poor physical quality

Sex is already physically taxing, which, over time, inevitably leads to a decline in physical condition, which in turn affects mental state, and even the ability to think, remember, and analyze. Thus reducing the body’s resistance to disease, causing a variety of diseases, severe cases will appear waist sour legs soft, severe cases will also appear tinnitus.

3. Decreased sexual sensitivity

In men, there is an unresponsive period after sex, in which sexual stimuli cease to respond for a period of time after sex ends. Repetitive life can prolong the non-response period, which can lead to decreased sexual function. This has laid a hidden danger of sexual dysfunction such as impotence, no launch, gradual launch time and no pleasure during sex in the future.

4. Cause overwork of sexual organs

Because of the continuous and repetitive sex drive, both men and women can increase the burden on the nervous centers and sexual organs. Things will reverse due to frequent fatigue, but will lead to a decline in sexual function, leading to aging of sexual function. Men usually have repetitive lives. Due to repeated and sustained congestion of the sexual organs, it can induce diseases such as prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, which can not only cause perineal discomfort and back pain, but also cause blood sperm.

5. Reduce the chances of pregnancy

Frequent sex can increase the possibility of infertility, because semen thinning, sperm quality will be reduced, in normal intercourse, about 200 to 400 million sperm shoot at each other, increased sperm mobility, has become an essential manifestation of healthy male fertility. Scientists have found that if a man ejaculates four times in a six-hour period, a day later a man cannot find sperm in his semen, which is not a good thing for young people who need to reproduce.

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